Friday, 29th September 2023
HRM Oba (Engr) Kabir Adewale Shotobi. The Ayangbure of Ikorodu. Grand Patron of IOA.
The pavilion building for chieftaincy title holder in Ikorodu.
Ikorodu Oga Ejina Market Place
Ikorodu Oga statue erected by IOA
IOA Family Photo Gallery 2006
Commissioning of Health Centre Refurbish by IOA
Ikorodu City Main Market Place

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Structure Aims

The general house shall be composed of the members of the Association sitting at a General Meeting, Annual General Meeting or any special meeting for which the purpose is to discuss matters affecting the Association’s affairs. The General House shall be the supreme organ of decision making and shall be vested with the power of ratification of any decision that may be brought to it by other duly constituted organ of administration.

Standing Committees

The following standing committees shall be constituted under the Code of Conduct and shall comprise of not less than three and not more than five members nominated by the executive council or by the General House, same as prescribed by the Code of Conduct.

•i. Membership Committee

•ii. Project Development Committee

•iii. Social and Welfare Committee

•iv. Disciplinary Committee

•v. Code of conduct and Constitution Review Committee

•vi. Finance and Auditing Committee

Unless as prescribed under the code of conduct, committee shall elect within their membership their chairperson; secretary and notify the General House accordingly.

 The General House may in addition to these committees, constitute ad-hoc committee as and when required, charge with specific responsibilities for which they shall be accountable thereto.


Membership Committee

This committee shall be headed and presided over by the Vice-president. He/she must be supported by three or four members. Their duties shall be as follow:

 Shall be responsible for admission, suspension and withdrawal of membership and other disciplinary duties associated with general membership.

 Shall be competent on recommending appropriate disciplinary measures on issues referred to it by either the Executive Council or the General House.

 Shall meet to canvass for recruitment of membership of the Association.