The President

Shall be the chief executive of the Association, overseeing the activities of the Association and co-ordinating the activities of the elected officers as well as standing committees.

Shall preside over all executive and general meetings unless incapacitated by reason of absence, personal health or the mechanism established by the code of conduct.

Shall be a signatory to the Association's account and to this extent authorise withdrawals from the Association's account with concurrence of Treasurer or the Financial Secretary.

Shall be invested with the power of representation and authority having consulted other members of the Executive Council to present the views of the Association in all places and events to which the Association is duly invited.

Shall have veto power on matters where the general house or the Executive Council can not reach conclusive agreement.


The Vice President

Shall deputise for the president in his/her absence with regard to all his/her functions.

Shall co-ordinate the membership committee in his/her capacity as its' chairperson, unless incapacitated by the rules of conflict of interest, with respect to the discharge of his / her duties, when the committee sits for disciplinary purposes.

Shall assume full responsibilities for the office of the President in the event of his/her loss office until an election is held for the purpose.


The  General Secretary

Shall be the Association's chief officer and to this extent oversee the running of its' secretariat.

Shall co-ordinate the issuance and reception of correspondences including the minutes of the executive and the general meeting as well as other records to which the association is privileged.

Shall consult with the president and at least three other members of the Executive Council, call emergency meetings of the Association.

Shall present a comprehensive report of the Association's activities to its' Annual General Meeting.


Assistant General Secretary

Shall provide necessary assistance to the General Secretary in the dispensation of his/her function as contained in the code of conduct.

Shall act as secretary for Projects Development Committee in his/her capacity.

Shall assume full responsibility for the office of the General Secretary in the event of loss of office until a by-election is held.


The Treasurer

Shall be the signatory to the Association's accounts.

Shall ensure safe custody of Association's funds, assets and other treasures that may be entrusted to him/her from time to time and that proper records of accounts is kept.

The treasurer shall ensure proper disbursement system subject to the concurrence of the Executive Council.

Shall present a comprehensive report of the Association's finances to the Annual General Meeting.

Shall advice the Association on matter relating to general funds, and investment opportunities and to this extent, must posses some knowledge and experience of a financial adviser.


The Financial Secretary

Shall be the signatory to the Association accounts.

Shall ensure propriety in the maintenance of financial accounts and statements.

Shall work closely with the treasurer on all matters relating to proper management of Association's accounts


Public Relations Officer

Shall handle all public relations work and ensure that the activities of the Association are sufficiently published.

Shall be responsible for press statements and releases subject to the consent of the Executive Council and shall design promotional activities for improving the Association's public image.

Shall undertake other duties as may be assigned by the President and the General House.


Welfare Officer

Shall be responsible for members' welfare and recommend proposals for assistance to members from time to time.

Shall act as the secretary to the membership committee.

Shall arrange and co-ordinate visitation to members who are sick or bereaved.

Shall liaise with outside bodies and organisation whose activities affect members' welfare with concern of the Executive Council.


Social Secretary

Shall be responsible for planning, execution and conduct of social activities.

Shall ensure proper refreshment and organisation of Association's meetings

Shall ensure the Association's representation at outer events and activated to which the Association is duly invited.


Chief Whip

Shall ensure orderliness and comportment to decorum at meeting.

Shall be the Association's chief disciplinary officer and to this extent serve as a member of the membership committee.

Shall be prescribe and collect fined levied against members for behavioural offences.

Shall perform such other function as may be assigned by the General House.


Loss of Office

An office shall be vacated on the resignation, death, removal and expiration of term of the office.

An officer shall be removed from office when a vote of no confidence is passed consequently upon inefficiency, gross misconduct, incompetence and for the acts which are found to be  contrary to the interest of the Association, by least two-third of the members of the Executive Council and simple majority of the General House.

Resignation of office shall be in writing to General Secretary with at least one month's notice. On receipt of such letter, the secretary general shall in consultation with the President and other Executive members, call an emergency meeting to determine acceptance or refusal of such resignation.

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