The association shall derive funds from the following sources:

1.  Members' annual subscriptions.

2.   Levies, if and when necessary.

3.   Voluntary donations from members and non-members, individuals and organisations.

The Executive Council shall be empowered to consider other means of revenue generation if necessary at the General meeting.


Protection  of  Funds and Assets

The Executive council shall act as trustees to the Association. The executive council as a body or at least two-third of the executive members acting jointly, have the right under this code of conduct of taking any legal proceedings for the recovery of misappropriated funds or assets.

In the event of dissolution of the Association, its' assets and funds shall devolve on and held in trust and will later be donated to charities notably society of sickle cell anaemia.


Bank Accounts

The Executive council shall decide from time to time and with the general authority of the association to open such bank accounts that are necessary for the activities of the Association. Such Accounts may include current accounts for general administrative purposes, capital expenditure accounts, fixed deposits and such other accounts that may be found necessary from time to time.

The Treasurer shall lodge the monies of the Association in appropriate bank accounts of the Association.


Signatories to Bank Account

Two combinations of the following officers shall be signatories to the bank accounts of the Association.

i.   The President or ii

ii.    The Vice President - where (i) is absent or incapacitated


iii.    The Treasurer or iv

iv.    Financial Secretary - where (iii) is absent or incapacitated

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