Election into Executive Offices shall be held annually at a General Meeting call for that purpose. 

Elections shall be conducted on a one man-one vote basis, by secret ballot. 

An Electoral Committee of not more than three persons shall be constituted, not later than one calendar month before the agreed day of election, to conduct election into the executive offices. It shall elect its' Chief Returning Officer who shall be disqualified from seeking election during his term of office.

Every paid up member shall be eligible for office except where there is an objection by at least ten paid up members, which must be discussed by the Electoral Committee and decisions made accordingly. 

Voting may be by showing of hands, except when a ballot is mandatory.

Eligibility To Vote and  To Be Voted For

To be eligible to vote in an election, a member must have attended 70% of the Association's meeting, in a calendar year

To be eligible to hold any office, the aspiring candidate must be a full paid up member and be seen to be contributing positively to the progress of the Association.

To be eligible to hold an office, the aspiring candidate must be responsible, be of sound mind, discipline, active and must be literate.

Any aspiring presidential candidate must possess all the above qualities and must have attended 90% of the General Meetings.

Standing Orders

All motions shall be proposed and seconded by another member before any democratic process could follow subject to the provision of the Code of Conduct.

Points of orders and points of information shall take precedence over all other forms of motion. Points of order may be raised if;

a.                    The speaker is digressing from the subject of the motion.

b.                   The speaker is repeating him/herself or others.

c.                    The speaker is using uncivilised language.

A point of information shall strictly contain information relevant to the subject matter under discussion.

The President's decision on point of order shall be final.

The Executive Council shall be empowered to recommend an observer to address an Annual General Meeting where necessary.

Points of order should be raised if a member or an executive member is speaking contrary to the Code of Conduct.

The abuse of the use of standing order shall be subject to a fine of an amount which will be determined by the Chief Whip, not exceeding £10.00.

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