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At this juncture, I was to disclose that the industrial estate at Odugunyan, if fully developed, is the largest industrial estate in Black Africa. At Odugunyan, we have such industrial firms as Spintex, PZ Industries, Ocean Fisheries, Super Engineering, Lucky Fibres and hosts of other smaller factories. Nichemtex Industries is another large employer of Labour within the ambit of Ikorodu town.


Politically speaking, Ikorodu had more than its fair share of political leadership in this country, especially during the 1st and 2nd republic. The latter was also the 2nd republic. At the regional or state level, Alhaji (Chief) S.O.Gbadamosi was a factor to be reckoned with among those who formed the inner-most causes of the defunct Action Group (AG) and unity party of Nigeria (UPN) of the 2nd republic. Chief O. I. Alokolaro, Architect Allison, Mr. Olorunfunmi Basorun, Chief Reverend Jameson Abimbola, Odunlami, Dr. Sesan Onafowokan, Mr. Dosu Oshinowo, Mr. Ayodele Elesho, Mrs. Wonu Folami, Prince Taju Odofin, Chief Rasheed Gbadamosi, Otunba Yomi Oshikoya were political office holders at the state level at one time or the other. Currently, Mr. Kaoli Olusanya and Arch. Kayode Anibaba are serving in Governor Bola Tinubu’s cabinet as commissioners.


We cannot have an exhaustive list of political leaders at the local level. We however can place on record the political achievements of the Late Chief Kayode Alison, Late Chief Olugoka both of the Action Group/Unity Party of Nigeria and Chief N.O. Alowonle of the N.C.N. and Nigeria people party. We must recognise also the two leaders of the new grassroots political parties who have just been sacked from office, Mr. S.O.Alogba of the Social Democratic Party and Mr. Ogunfile of the National Republican Convention and Alhaji Mufutau Ajisebutu, a political activist and one time chairman of Ikorodu Local Government.


It is not just for fun that the other appellation of Ikorodu is ‘Ilu kekere Oko ilu bantanbatan’. Ikorodu sons and daughters that have achieved eminent positions in their fields of endeavour run into hundreds. What is the number of University Professors, including a vice chancellor of a federal university and a former deputy vice chancellor of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife who are of Ikorodu. The number is large. How many towns off the size of Ikorodu in this country can boast of the number of legal luminaries of superstar grade as Ikorodu that has 5 Senior Advocates if Nigeria (SAN) including a woman. The first Patriarch of Methodist Church, Nigeria and a university professor emeritus is a son of Ikorodu. It was not by design that we have an array of eminent high court judges including a woman.


It is the Lord’s doing, and it is marvellous in our eyes so says the psalmist. Name any endeavour of life, you have Ikorodu sons and daughters excelling: Doctors, engineers, chartered accounts, media executives, sportsmen and women in international fame, Joe Rufus and Modupe Osikoya etc.


Ikorodu has a string of achievers dating back to more than a century. I read somewhere that the mother of late Bishop Oluwole hailed from Ikorodu. The Late J.S. Odulate alias Alabukun of Abeokuta fame was a son of Mosene in Ikorodu. His son was the first Ikorodu medical doctor just as Otunba T.O.S.Benson is the first Ikorodu lawyer. Late Chief M.O. Onafowokan was the first Nigeria graduate town planner.


One Mr. Parker, a freed slave from Sierra Leone and an indigne of Ikorodu was the first Christian religious leader in Ikorodu. He was a catechist left behind by Reverend Collimer of the CMS In Ikorodu in 1842.


We must recognise the contributions of the following highly admired late artists Sadiku Agbaku Onida, Saka Eruja, Ekine Goloba (The Master Drummer), Muse-son of Agbaku, Bombata (senior) Bombata (Nuru), Nosiru Atuwon, Baba Bello, Baba Olukoya and Baba Olorin. This list cannot be exhaustive. Similarity, we cannot but remember such characters as Owoje (reputed to be devil incarnate of Magbo festivals). There was a man called simply as KELEBE BALE DIRAMU. There was another gentlemen involved in "Okete yo" episode.

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