Modern Ikorodu terms of commercial activities have behind, it a long history dating back to very early days. Suffice it now to say that such Ikorodu magnates as late Chief Shonubi, Alias Owolowo, was one of the early business tycoons of Nigeria and early one of the richest Nigeria of his time. Apart from running ferry services from Ikorodu to Lagos, he established a lead in the stockfish and tobacco trade. He was the son of Lyalode Efun who was also reputed to be the richest individual in Ikorodu or her day. She had the only motor in Ikorodu in the early forties. Another commercial outfit that gained worldwide fame was the Ikorodu trading company (ITC) which exhibited the finest in commercial organisation qualities and acumen. The founding fathers of ITC. Alhaji (Chief) S.O. Gbadamosi and Alhaji Rabiu Allison are today of blessed memory. Today, the name of Papa Gbadamosi is known throughout the length and breadth of this great country of ours as a very successful businessman and industrialist.


It will be a futile exercise to try to compile a list of Ikorodu sons and daughters who are business tycoons. You know all them. Let us however mention those who daily make contributions towards the commercial/industrial activities in Ikorodu of today.


I will mention them not in any particular order-Bab Shariff (A printing and light packaging outfit, Expo Aluminium) (One of the best in the fabrication of Aluminium windows, doors, failings etc.) Ragolis spring pure natural water, Abel Abu Garment Industry, Olokunola Polythene Bag Industries, Romo-Polythene Bag Producer, Construction one Nigeria limited and Koya Construction Company and Oriwu Sun Newspaper limited.

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